Aging in Place and ADUs

Affordable Housing =ADU’s

As the older population increases and desires to stay in their community, we must find creative and resourceful options to fulfill their demand to age in place. A person can age in place and in community, when their housing options and community accommodate possible changes in ability, mobility, or physical and/or mental health.

Above all, we need to make our cities more age friendly and accommodate people of all ages.  Anti-ageism activist, Ashton Applewhite, notes that “although they make up only 35 percent of the population, people over 50 contribute 43 percent of the total US GDP — a cool $7.4 trillion.”  California is well positioned to entice our residents to stay into retirement.  One option that increases housing density and encourages aging in place is Accessory Dwelling Units.


An Accessory Dwelling Unit or an ADU is a secondary living unit on a residential lot or within the main home.  ADUs are often referred to as mother-in-law suites, granny flats, guest houses, etc.  They are beneficial because they increase housing density in an unobtrusive manner.  The height and size regulations, already required by the State and local codes mean an ADU will blend in with the existing house and neighborhood. Recent changes to ADU regulations by the State of California that took effect in January 2020 make the process of constructing an ADU much easier and more streamlined ADUs will ease the need for affordable housing and give people greater variety in their housing options.


Accessory Dwelling Units advance aging in place because they encourage multi-generational living, offer a convenient option for downsizing, and create an alternative source of revenue.  ADUs are often termed mother-in-law suites and granny flats because they allow different generations of the family to live in the same lot with privacy.  Beyond encouraging intergenerational interaction, ADUs allow people to age in place because of the revenue they can generate.  Because many older adults are on a fixed-income, renting out an ADU or the main house provides them financial stability to age in place.  Finally, detached ADUs are a great option for aging in place because many have handicap accessible features.

time is not always on your side

Currently many people only consider an ADU when the immediate need to care for a family member arises. Traditional construction of an ADU can take well over a year and the project site can incur disruption for nine months or more.  This is not an ideal situation.  There is a much more time sensitive alternative to constructing a detached ADU.  This method is to install a factory built ADU. This type of ADU can anticipate project completion in about six months with project site disruption to less than one month.

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