Don’t Over Complicate your ADU Project in San Diego

Placing an Accessory Dwelling Unit in San Diego is a fast, simple and much less expensive way… using Factory Built technology and the HUD/Federal Building code.

If you are a homeowner or investor looking to add extra living and/or rental space to your property, USModular has the way for you to get the project done Faster, Better, Greener and for Less.  The answer is factory built ADUs.

ADUs built to the HUD/Federal Code are code compliant in San Diego, in fact they are code compliant throughout the entire United States.

Why spend well over a year with design, planning, permitting and construction of an ADU in your back yard, not to mention spending unnecessary tens of thousands of dollars in design costs, when you can have the entire ADU project completed in about six months with construction site disturbance limited to less than one month.   Seems too good to be true?  Well it’s not.  Architects and traditional site construction companies want your money and they want you to think an ADU project is complicated and only they know how to get the project done.

USModular is here to let you know what traditional builders hope you never discover – the way to build your ADU project Faster, Better, Greener and for less using a Factory Built ADU constructed to the HUD/Federal Code from USModular.  We are a full service design build general contractor offering factory built ADUs.  We are your one-stop shop for an ADU project in Southern California.

Contact our ADU specialist and you can have your ADU project completed faster and for much less than you ever thought you could!

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you.

Not in my backyard. No wait, YES please in my back yard!

An Accessory Dwelling Unit is an independent additional living space to your single family home that does not require your property to be rezoned.  Common names used for detached Accessory Dwelling Units are “ADU”, “Granny Flat”, “In-Law Quarters”, “Casita”, and most recently “PIMBY” which is short for Parents In My Back Yard.

USModular is a full service design build general contractor serving a select area of Southern California and we are specialist in Factory Built Accessory Dwelling Units.

OK, so what is a “Factory Built” ADU?  The term is self-explanatory; these are ADUs that are built in a factory and shipped to the project site for installation.

Why would you choose to install a Factory Built ADU in your back yard?  There are several reasons why.  These reasons include less overall construction disruption time at the construction site, much shorter construction time frame for the project, and most importantly – significant cost savings!

Do you want your ADU project to be completed as fast as possible and at a very competitive cost?  Then you need to consider a Factory Built ADU built to the HUD/Federal Building Code from USModular.

Say what?  What is the HUD/Federal Building Code?  You thought all homes in California are built to State and local building codes? We’re going to let you in on a little, not so well known, home construction information that will save you significantly on your ADU construction costs. The HUD/Federal Building Code is a uniform building code throughout the United States.  It was established by the Federal Government as an affordable housing option. Homes and ADUs built to the HUD/Federal Code are factory built homes and are code compliant throughout the United States.

The efficiencies of building homes and ADUs in a factory on an assembly line to a simplified uniform building code allows consumers to have access to a quality, well-built home or ADU, at a much lower cost point. But wait, there’s more to the cost savings.

Effective January 2020, California requires all homes and ADUs built to the California Building Code, Title 24, have a net-zero footprint.  That means all of these homes and ADUs are REQUIRED to have a solar system.  That adds a very notable increase to the cost of homes and ADUs in California.

Now, here comes the additional cost savings of a home or ADU built to the HUD/Federal Code.  These are built to California Title 25 and are NOT required to comply with the Title 24 Solar Mandate.  In short, HUD/Federal Code homes and ADUs are not required to have a solar system.  You can have one installed on a HUD/Federal Code home or ADU – it’s your choice, not a forced requirement.

Homeowners – Investors – Real Estate Agents; Contact USModular in San Diego today and let’s start your ADU project.  At USModular, we build Faster, Better, Greener and for Less!

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