Council Takes Tiny (Homes) Step Towards Housing Affordability

Moveable Tiny Homes a Low-Cost Housing Solution

San Diego –Today, the City Council unanimously approved an amendment to the Land Development Code to add Moveable Tiny Houses to the ordinance for Companion Units and Junior Units as a separately regulated use. Movable Tiny Homes provide a lower-cost option that provides flexible housing choices for families, students, the elderly, and people with disabilities to name a few.

During these unprecedented times, it is easy to forget that San Diego still faces a severe housing crisis. The average cost of rent is nearly $2,000 a month and the median price of housing is well over $500,000. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing unprecedented job loss, the housing affordability crisis will only get worse.

In contrast, the average cost of a movable tiny home is only $85,000. A significant portion of households in San Diego can afford a movable tiny house as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). The average cost of rent for a tiny home is $900 a month. A property owner would recover their initial investment in eight years. After that, the rent from the tiny house could help cover their mortgage or other expenses.

“Moveable tiny homes are a great option that naturally increases affordable housing at no cost to taxpayers. It’s a win for the homeowner, it’s a win for the renter, and it’s a win for the taxpayer,” said Sherman.

Councilmember Scott Sherman has been working to approve this ordinance since 2018.

“I appreciate my colleagues support for this important housing reform. We must continue pushing for common sense solutions that result in naturally occurring affordable housing,” said Sherman.

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